Our philosophy about the Greek breakfast

Greek breakfast combines the values of simplicity, clarity and purity. The high nutritional value and the high quality of the Mediterranean products, along with their tradition and experiential character, give the main Greek Mediterranean breakfast its features.

Raw materials are picked by the producers themselves and food combinations are simple. Products are cooked in a healthy way and quality reaches its peak following the traditional values of the Aegean Sea islands.

The Greek breakfast is modern and yet Mythical, a reminder of the history of the place where it is offered.

Santorini’s geomorphology along with the sea, the wind and the sun, determines the special features and the quality of the products that are being produced on the island. Grapes, olives, pulses and vegetables that need special soil ingredients, tomato varieties, wild greens, capers and more are the islands’ raw materials.

Cycladic cheeses are an amazing mixture of flavors and aromas and are rarely found along Greece’s mainland.

Let us present you the unique taste of Santorini!